I‘m a WordPress and React expert, with more than a decade of experience in content management systems. I‘m also a drummer – having drummed on Michigander‘s first tour and EP Midland, and with many groups throughout the Midwest.

In college I studied Civil Engineering, Mathematics, History, Theology, and International Business. I never graduated, but made the career leap into web development because it was something I enjoyed. My favorite times in the college years were annual service trips overseas. I've had the privilege to spend time with and serve the people of Russia, Germany, Poland, El Salvador, Tunisia, and Jamaica.

I speak English fluently, conversational German, and survival Russian and Spanish. There might also be a few words of Klingon and Sindarin in my vocabulary.

My strengths lie in creative problem solving and abstract thinking. I'm working on empathy.

When I was a teenager I dedicated my life to serving Jesus Christ and His people. I'm happy to live a life called to service and sacrifice. There is no greater joy.